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SNAUR, the first book in a series of 3.

Welcome to the release of my first book SNAUR , A Magical, Mystical, Adventure. Zac, Josh and Ned, a very cheeky Ocker Ozzie dog, live in rural Australia. One day Zac and Ned make an unusual discovery in a cave, not far from their home. What they found will lead them on an amazing and magical adventure. 

The story weaves itself around a typical family and their daily activities. Snaur, a magical dragon, becomes part of their family. He takes them on a mind-blowing journey that  enriches and changes all their lives. 

You will not want to miss joining them.

Book Launch

  • Soon, I will have my book launch of SNAUR;  stay tuned in for the details. 
  • The book is now available. in various formats. (SEE BELOW) Payment methods are shown.
  • eBook will soon be available.


I have been reading this book to my U3A writers group and this is what some of them have to say about it.

  • Hans von Chrismar: 'This phantasy novel for kids is centred in a safe family atmosphere. The adventures of the children are nonetheless mind-blowing and exciting. Shades of "Never Ending Story", told in an Ozzie way. Hang on to your tail.'
  • Bessie Jennings, U3A Tutor: 'Dale Symons wrote this story for 7 to 10 year olds; I am sure parents and grandparents, too, will enjoy reading the magic message. We are looking forward to the sequels.'
  • Kate Gaukroger: 'Dale, it will be a travesty if you don't publish this book. I love listening to the children's and Ned's adventures each week and I can't wait to buy copies of your first book for my grandchildren.'
  • Nola Ashcroft: 'Dale, Thanks for the copy of what I missed in class. I love the story. It flows well and children should have no trouble reading it. Your imagination is extensive and I look forward to the next chapters.' 

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